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Anne Wootten is a certified Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant. She received her training and certification from the Protocol School of Washington™ . Her unique approach to teaching stems from a three-decade career in the entertainment industry. Anne has directed and coached internationally-known theatre, film and television performers and brings her attention to detail to her services as a Business Image Consultant.

 No matter what kind of business you're in, no matter what your job title is, Anne Wootten & Associates can help you perfect your professional image.

Anne sets you up for success - whether you're preparing for an important Board meeting, business dinner, or international business travel, or just need to put a little sizzle into a speech or presentation.

Worried about whether you're presenting a professional image on Skype?  Can't keep up with "netiquette" across new platforms and devices?  Anne can also help you avoid missteps in the modern business world.

We like to say "we polish people" for social gatherings such as weddings and receptions as well as for the business arena.  So whether you are attending a special ceremony or event, or making a speech at an international conference, we are your go-to coaches.

Anne Wootten & Associates offers  one-on-one or group sessions to perfect your social or business performance.